Hardwood Floors

Thanks to new, stronger finishes, wood is good for almost any room. Rambunctious dogs and muddy sneakers won’t easily damage wood that has received a high-pressure factory finish.

Engineered wood, made of bonded wood fibers topped with a real wood veneer, is even stronger. It expands and contracts less than solid wood and can be applied on a foam cushion over just about any sub-floor, including concrete. Or, consider laminate flooring, made by Pergo and other companies. It has synthetic backing and is coated with a faux wood veneer. Laminate is also hard to scratch. If your pup does manage to claw the floor, you’ll need to patch the damaged area or replace a panel; faux wood veneers cannot be sanded and refinished.

Whatever you choose, put foot mats by doors, wipe up spills promptly, and watch out for kitty litter and other grit.

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