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    The first step is to isolate the room in which the mold outbreak has taken place.

    The rubbing alcohol can continue doing its job long after you first
    scrub the surface. Mold spreads by releasing spores into the air
    that land and grow into more mold and release more
    and more spores.

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    Some of the symptoms mentioned in various forums and media such as pulmonary hemorrhage and
    memory loss are very rare, and even if such events have been reported, they are not supported by medical
    and scientific findings. If anyone in your home or office seems to get sick primarily when they are
    in that building, there is a strong possibility that mold is the cause.

    Check for a company’s license and registration details with the local authorities before you assign them for the service.

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      I would disagree. Indoor air contains many diverse irritants, mold being just one. The thinking through media onslaught and marketing is that one becomes sick as you described, it must be mold. Mold is and will forever remain a symptom of excessive moisture.

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